Don't Just Think Your Home Is Safe-Know It

Get a full home inspection in Davidsonville & Bowie, MD, by calling Defect Inspector

We inspect every inch of your property

When a home inspector from Defect Inspector visits your house, they inspect your entire interior and exterior. Our inspections include:

Wall cladding

Flashing and trim

Entryways, windows and doors

Garage door openers

Decks, porches and patios

Eaves, soffits and fasciae

Steps and railing

Driveways, walkways and retaining walls

Vegetation, grading and drainage

Plumbing and electrical systems

HVAC systems

Flooring, roofs and ceilings

Radon & Water testing services

Schedule an appointment now to take advantage of our home inspection services. We can send an inspector to your location in Davidsonville & Bowie, MD right away.

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